JULY 31
How to Build an Effective OJT Program that Develops and Retains Employees
Joe Lloyd, Product Manager, Intertek Alchemy
Laura Dunn Nelson, Vice President, Intertek Alchemy
Attend our webinar to discover how to merge technology with institutional knowledge to create a best-in-class OJT (on-the-job training) program. We will be sharing OJT criteria that qualifies employees for a specific role and growth strategies.
Worker in high vis speaking into handheld radio
Mastering the Art of Leadership – Cultivating Strong Leaders Within Your Facility
Kelly Johnson, Culture and Talent Manager at JBS
Bob Rysavy, Account Manager at Intertek Alchemy
Supervisors in manufacturing often begin their roles with little to no leadership training. This isn’t a recipe for success. But there is a way to solve for it though a structured program to develop new and emerging leaders already at your facility so you can promote from within.
The Truth about Quiet Quitting and How to Prevent It
Laurel Harrington, HR Director – Manufacturing, Lactalis US Yogurt
Kristin Kastrup, Senior Consultant Training Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
In manufacturing, motivated employees are essential to prevent injuries, product defects, and food recalls. Disengaged employees have a devastating impact on your workplace culture and safety. Join this complimentary webinar to learn some tips from industry experts, to re-engage your employees and retain your workforce.
Industry Predictions: The Regulatory, Economic, and Workforce Trends that Will Shape 2023
Laura Dunn Nelson , VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy
Holly Mockus, Director, Content and Industry Strategy, Intertek Alchemy
Join us for this complimentary webinar that looks at the year ahead through the lens of regulatory, economic, and cultural factors that will impact our industry. And, most importantly, how you can be prepared to meet them head on.
The Global Food Safety Training Study: Insights & Analysis for Optimizing Your Program
Bertrand Emond, Professional Development and Culture Excellence Lead, Campden BRI
Laura Dunn Nelson, VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy
The 2022 Global Food Safety Training report — the most comprehensive research on food safety training — is here! Watch this webinar for data that uncovers insights on how to invest for maximum ROI, plus a special section on lasting impacts from the COVID pandemic.
Cross-training Tips and Techniques to Attract, Develop, and Retain Valuable Workers
Audra Shelton, Training Administrator and Developer, Ajinomoto Foods North America
Laura Dunn Nelson, VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy
Cross-training is one way to create an unmatched work environment that offers a career path, community, safety, and a sense of value and structure. Join this complimentary webinar to learn from experts about all the benefits of a robust cross-training program.
Training Beyond the Classroom: Keys to Culture & Retention
Christopher Jones, Sr. Learning Systems Analyst, Conagra Brands
Kassi Woods, Trust & Safety Trainer, LinkedIn
Laura Dunn Nelson, VP Food Safety & Global Alliances, Intertek Alchemy
Join our complimentary webinar where industry experts will challenge you to create a culture where employees are inspired to learn by thinking and applying learned behaviors outside the classroom.
Environmental Responsibility: Getting Your Workforce On Board with Your Green Efforts
Stacy Ellis, Safety, Health, & Environment Mgr, AB Mauri N.A.
Liliya Quebedeaux, North America Sustainability Manager, Intertek
Environmental responsibility is increasingly a must in manufacturing. But many struggle to insert sustainability into operations or engage workers in their efforts. Join this webinar for answers how. Plus attendees will receive free training courses for their workers!
Insights from the Industry: How to Attract and Retain a Quality Workforce
Bob Rysavy, Human Resources Training Manager, Hearthside Food Solutions, LLC
Ken Teets, National Training Specialist, Home Chef
Niel Kennedy, Account Manager, Intertek Alchemy
Join our complimentary webinar to hear manufacturing professionals provide valuable insights and best practices to improve efforts around attracting and retaining quality employees.
Tapping into Today’s Training Technologies: Tips for More Effective Training
Lisa Goljenboom, Talent Development Specialist and Instructional Designer, Daybreak Foods Inc.
Dante Dominick, Senior Industry Analyst, Intertek Alchemy
Technology has impacted every facet of work, including training. Like all technology advancements, there can seem a never-ending array of bells and whistles to keep track of. Join this webinar for a deep dive into simple training technologies that have significant impacts.